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Financial Conduct Authority

The Financial Conduct Authority is the body that oversees the operation of nearly 60,000 companies providing financial services in the UK. The FCA makes sure that the financial markets are fair, equitable and efficient in order to provide consumers with a fair deal.

The FCA is responsible for regulating a sector that plays a key role in the lives of all UK residents, without which the modern economy would not function. From children's ISAs to pensions, direct debits to credit cards, loans and investments, how well the financial markets work has a fundamental impact on us all.

UK financial services employ over 2.2 million people and donate £ 65.6 billion in tax to the UK economy. Where UK markets perform well, are competitive and fair, benefit customers, employees, and shareholders and maintain confidence in the UK as a major global financial hub.


From bank accounts to mortgage loans, credit cards, loans, savings a

nd pensions, virtually every adult in the UK is a consumer of financial services. Therefore, one of the goals of the FCA is to provide an adequate level of protection for all consumers.

FCA works to protect consumers in many different ways. It aims to put its customers at the center of their business by providing them with the right products and services and putting their protection ahead of their own profits or income.

It monitors which companies and people are able to enter the financial markets, making sure they meet the highest standards before being authorized.


They oversees the work of companies and can stop those that do not meet the relevant standards from carrying out the activities it regulates. When the FCA determines that companies are not following the relevant rules, it intervenes. This could mean imposing fines, stopping trade, or providing compensation to consumers. It also means that consumers are given the information they need in the right way to make the best decisions for them.

FCA's crime prevention efforts include the ScamSmart campaign, which targets those most at risk of investment fraud. It provides tools to help investors proactively review investments that are offered to them unexpectedly. It also encourages consumers to re

port potential harm or bad behaviour. FCA works with a network of consumer organizations to raise awareness of its campaigns and competencies and help shape the appropriate approach to regulation


Consumer protection also helps to promote healthy competition and fairness in the financial system. Consumers need to know that they can trust the companies they buy from and are protected if something goes wrong. This gives them the confidence to make choices and change product suppliers. This means that companies have strong incentives to treat consumers properly and seek business based on service, quality, price and innovation.


If you want to know more about how the FCA works, check here:

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