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Policy application - possible scenarios:

Updated: May 20, 2021

Insurance policies depend on your circumstances. The premium you have to pay for a life insurance policy depends on age, total coverage (sum assured), medical history, gender, lifestyle, job, or add-ons ( extra fracture cover, critical illness cover, global treatment etc.)

What can happen after submitting an application to an already selected insurer?

  • the insurer may accept the application on standard terms

  • if you have had health problems in the past, the insurance company may exclude any existing ailments or diseases, or

  • may increase the premium by accepting the current medical history, or

  • by keeping the monthly premium specified in the application, reduce the sum insured.

  • If you are waiting for a diagnosis, tests, or operations, the insurer may postpone launching the policy until complete information or the final effect of planned treatments is received.

  • in exceptional situations, where the insurer does not take the risk of activating the policy, the application may be rejected

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